How Oil-Filled Lenses are Bringing Sight to Those in Need

Another “hey – whatever happened to those?” post. The idea of liquid-filled lenses that could be adjusted with a simple screw-based mechanism caused a lot of excitement when it first came out, with the promise of cheap but precise glasses for the poor. Gizmodo has a great writeup on the current state of the project – short version, they’re in field testing now, with around 30000 pieces being dispensed around the world, and cost $20 apiece to produce, against an ultimate goal of $1.

The writer, Joel Johnson, sums up my feelings (and the spirit of this blog!) perfectly:

It’s the sort of mixture of charity and innovation that makes my heart leap, an opportunity to use the mass production and design capabilities of the developed world to provide a life-changing solution to those who need it—without making those who receive aid dependent on someone else for continued support.


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  1. hobbes Says:

    knew you had a blog but hadn’t checked yet. there are other competing technologies. See:

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