books to all

In my last post, I noted how the Humane Reader was rethinking the basic design of an ebook reader, with an emphasis on third-world affordability and ubiquitous access. A recent study in Ghana has shown that even using the relatively expensive Amazon Kindle bookreader, ebooks are both cheaper and more effective at spreading literacy and information than paper books. (A fairly predictable result, since the marginal cost of an ebook is a lot lower than that of a paper book, and the number of available books is huge.) is now looking into deploying ebook readers on a larger scale, relying on existing mobile-phone-oriented infrastructure to charge the devices and download books.


3 Responses to “books to all”

  1. Serene Says:

    I love that you’re following this. It’s fascinating, world-changing stuff. Thanks!

    • martindemello Says:

      yeah, i’m very excited about it 🙂 the third world seems to be poised for a truly qualitative revolution in literacy and information dissemination.

  2. Link roundup — Effectivism Says:

    […] Lever Long Enough covered innovative and effective ways to spread e-books and literacy across the […]

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